Monday, March 8, 2010

oscar fashion

i love that a lot actresses took a risk this year- for some it payed off, for others it didn't. my favorite this year was sarah jessica parker in a gorgeous chanel in the most lovely soft yellow and silver. i would love to get close up to see the amazing detailing. my second choice is miley cyrus for looking super elegant and beautiful and not looking like a teenager trying to wear adult clothing, and third is nicole richie for rockin' a cool 70's vibe. and last but not least, rachel mcadams. who were your favorites?


Maddy said...

I thought Miley looked great too! I also love the back of SJP's dress...the front, not so much.

koralee said...

Oh these are all so so lovely! I adore pale yellow and silver! Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is amazing. xoxo

PinkBow said...

she does look amazing & yet was slated - ?

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