Saturday, July 24, 2010

perfect summer wear

perfect summer inspirations from miu miu:

colored sunglasses, stacked bangles and polka dots galore

pom pom necklaces and polka dot shoes

super cute apple rompers with skinny belts and striped flats

view the entire resort 2011 miu miu collection


this free bird said...

oh my goodness. the polka dot shoes and apple rompers and oh wow all of it. i still have my platform sparrows in the box!! can't bring myself to wear them they're soooo beautiful.

you have lit a fire under my a**!! if i don't get busy i can never justify any of these purchases next spring. thank God for bloggers!! (hehe)

check this hot mess; i bought them in a daze when i had walking pneumonia!!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love the prints and the shoes!

Teresa said...

Very cute! I'm a sucker for quirky prints and that apple romper is adorable!

♥ Teresa ♥

kitchen tables said...

Very unusual outfits but it looks amazing in those two lovely girls. The design is unique. I love those polka dot outfits. It is very sexy and gorgeous.

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